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It's Your Town. Live In Style.

It's what we do

Our mission is to provide quality stylish homes to families and their pets in small Oklahoma communities. It is our sincere desire to improve the communities in which we live and serve. One property at a time, we rescue homes, often foreclosed or bank-owned, that are in disrepair from neglect and long-term vacancy, rehab them, and turn them into homes that we would be proud to live in and add value to our community.  


Additionally, pets play a very special role in our lives. We have long been lovers of large and mix breeds. Like so many others, our pets are members of our family. Due to the prevalence of "no pet" clauses, families with pets are frequently faced with housing insecurity. Housing restrictions are a key factor causing people to relinquish their pets. In order to find "pet-friendly" properties, families often are forced to sacrifice property quality and cleanliness. Even then, most landlords impose breed and size restrictions, which further limits options for families with pets. 


At Skinny Black Dog Homes, we believe pet owners and their pets deserve a great home.  It's what we do.  



Izzy aka Skinny Black Dog
Pat Wasson
Kim Marchant

Meet Izzy--the company mascot and inspiration for the Skinny Black Dog brand.  Izzy, in typical Great Dane fashion, spends most days relaxing on the couch when not on a photo shoot at a home or appearances on a social media blitz.  Izzy works hard to keep his model-thin figure.    

Meet Pat--the brawn!  Pat is the property manager and human face of Skinny Black Dog Homes.  As a former lawyer, teacher, school administrator, and Sooner wrestler, Pat is well suited to solve all problems.  

Meet Kim--the brains!  Kim is the founder and designer for Skinny Black Dog Homes.  Also, a lawyer, Kim had been in the real estate industry for over 25 years.  She has a knack for taking outdated single family homes and making them current, stylish and, of course, pet friendly. 

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